icone Here is my brand new website where you will find any information that you would ever need. I hope you will enjoy it. I finally got some time to do it with my friend Cédric.

You will be able to find the usual stuff like news, pictures (even though this section is not available yet), podcast, link where you will find homepage adresses of other deejays and finally the contact section where you will find some link to go to my Facebook page or my myspace.

Otherwise, I just added a new section that could be quite useful. Indeed, you will be able to find the mp3 versions of the Planet Electro-House podcast under the "download" section.


• 2009-12-20: I added a new dj friend, namely Nini, who is a dj producer. I have also released an exclusive podcast thie week, it's a tech-house set made by Nini himself! I hope you'll like it.
Stay tuned!
• 2009-05-03: I added a new dj friend, namely jdB, who is a portuguese dj producer. I will shortly release one of his dj set.
Stay tuned!
• 2009-02-04: I have just released a new podcast, namely the number 38th. Enjoy. Feedbacks are welcome!
• 2009-01-13: I just figured out a small technical problem. Since I have updated the website last time, I have (but not on purpose) erased all the podcast files. So I have been uploading them again on the server. They should be downloadable by the end of the day. Sorry again for that. :S.
• 2009-01-06: I wish you all my best wishes for the new year 2009!
• 2008-12-24: Podcast Xmas part 1, 2 and 3 have just been released as a special event for christmas, don't forget to leave some comments.
Big up to all the people that I have met during my semester in Denmark, thank to all of you! Special big up to Pablo, Mathias, Sven, Ignacio, Daniel, Alvaro, Kilian, Max, Joao, Francisco, Nicolas, the linux group also (Robert and Lukasz) and all the other that I might have forgotten...

Jeg ønsker jer en fantastisk Jul!
• 2008-11-04: I just fixed up a bug that was occuring when trying to download the podcast episodes
• 2008-10-31: Release of the new website thanks to Mxed
The pictures are not available yet but will be soon :D